Thursday, May 31, 2018


Anti-Beauty is a collective of artists and musicians whom join together to create, perform and showcase psycho avant garde punk music and anti art film inspired by the anti art film making styles of the new punk cinema movement.
The name of our group took on the influence of anti art dating back to the Neo-Dada period which encouraged fluxus artists to challenge the philosophies of aesthetics by determining that art could not be defined.
The projection of our films are based on an Anti-Art film making manifesto which we have forged as a new film genre that is innovating in todays film industry. This genre explores the individual’s technical process and experimentation of the film paradox by contradiction; hybridizing video art, experimental and guerrilla film together as the Anti-Art Film.
Our music is based on having a punk attitude towards conventional songwriting by performing original songs that incorporate improvisation within origins of performance art which makes each performance rare and unique.

Anti Beauty is a band who makes music to reflect the disturbing aesthetic of underground cult and gutter “anti films”  that aim to destroy hollywood. By challenging conventional song writing we are inspired by No Wave, Psych Punk, Riot Girl and Experimental Garage.  Some compare our music to Lydia Lunch and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Sonic Youth and Bikini kIll. We’re here to lend our audience nightmares on acid street with our disturbing lyrics and our anti art acid films which we showcase at every show by video installation. We welcome kaos, disruption, abusive creativity and the anti beauty within the ugliness of life.