Monday, March 23, 2020




 for Alice in Acid Wonderland

Believing is seeing your dreams when alternate realities depict a dream within a dream within a  computerized, collage, acid, paradise.  In  A dark rainbow adventure in Wonderland, This experimental acid pop video art film titled Alice in Acid Wonderland is about Alice a young girl.  Who enters a magical and surreal Acid dream mushroom  experiment. Alice transitions from adult to child  with no memory of the experiment -- except for in her dreams. Where more than one Alice spends a journey wondering a vessel of the same reoccurring dreams, down the rabbit hole. Reunited with her long lost friends the Mad Hatter the Cheshire Cat and others, Alice learns it is her destiny to become a Queen haunted by the terror of another  Queen the Queen of hearts and spooked by mystical creatures. Only to find herself awaking into a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing within one's own simulation.


A unedited script substitution
 of anti art art acid dream pop film poetry

a fake acid dream mock document for

Alice in Acid Wonderland

a motivation for dialogue  commentary for Alice in Acid Rainbow Eyes

 A combination of favorite scenes or clips from Alice in Acid wonderland

 maybe a poem but acid dream experimental video art  film poetry

a realization of the avant-garde  in question 3:27 am Sunday March 1st

 Being awake for three days at a time manic madness matters also obsessed and intrigued by what's not intrusive about allowing the echos of audio effects to give the dream ghost a shadowing voice to which ever Alice comes first

random impulsion to edit the acid dream experiment erroneously now i question what makes this  commentary

 Maintain a pretense of reality while telling a story that explains the narrative poem that is Alice COTTON CANDY Rainbow Eyes 

A wonderland 
and why this experimental film IGNITES our youth IN ORDER to realize innocence is timelessness

 Now i question what is timeless about the film and if that is worth a discourse  upon whether dreams are the wishful thinking  questioning the realness of dreams when they are not fiction unless it was a non fiction reality that created fiction in the fake dream that fictional 
the acid dream mushroom experiment that experiments with experimental film making manifested by an abstracted avant-garde vernacular in which I title after an acid dream experimental video art film making manifesto the Acid Dream Experimental Video Art Film Making Manifesto written by the writer and  video artist Birthday Gurl celebrating the unbirthday party of computerized acid dream collage film paradise 
in a fantasy adventure with Alice in Acid wonderland

 ...If you are reacting to a suspension of belief its probably fiction but believing is dreaming within the dreaming of believing in fake dreams the acid dream mushroom experiment is in Alice in acid wonderland as though it was not a believable  non fictional narrative poem. In a motivated way to tell suspicious  fictional story telling recreating the acid dream experimental video art film in an avant-garde cinematic spirit or essence as the medium

 is the spirit. The Avant-garde anti-abstraction of contradicting objectivity from a paradoxical outcome of dreaming,  makes the film question wether the acid dream mushroom experiment  is a false awakening or its own dream outside of themselves.. is as welcoming as the dream Alice has no memory of before she awakes to dream some more 

when she awakens in her dream to find herself in the non fictional alternate dream reality  welcoming the un-welcomed in a fictional story of narrative acid pop film poerty.... of acid  anti-beauty.

 The abstracted tea party distortion of reality implies the dream is simulated by a dream simulation within a simulation of ones sleeping time where the dream reality is an alternate dimension where the narrative poem told in the unconventional context of story telling is a thought provoking interpretation of dreaming

Whatever is abstract is welcoming the un-welcomd. The acid dream ghosts are obviously masked to replicate their avatar Alice, who creates avatars of herself in her dream adventure down the rabbit hole. Without a camera, similarly in a different way pop film 

Anti-beauty is within the awkwardness that you are attracted to when 
Alice intrusively attends the mad hatters tea party.


I'm intoxicated by this dream and I still question wether Alice in acid wonderland is a poetical metaphor for the possibility that nothing is real and that life is a computer simulation designed by a teenage  punk god film maker or by technology simulating a dream of fictional virtual reality


Note to self:
 Ideas for
Dear Birthday Gurl... Hi I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel and I'm interested why  you create acid dream mock documents instead of scripts only after the directing is done
. What kind of acid dream pop mock document did you create for your new 2020 film Alice in Acid Wonderland... also can you explain what a mock document is


I SAY Create a mock document instead of scripts because it makes your manifestation complete allows me the artistic freedom to not pay to much attention to order in regards to its post production or production status. I'm excited about its journey to the upside down. By solving with a mockumentary document form is a truley experimental test to combing different ideas within manifesos by following a formula of methods or not 

So when I'm done creating the film I am not surprised that there is an unfolding evaporating story created by my unconscious 
The way dreams are experienced.  Amock document is artistic proof the dream to your film  exists.

What do you contemplate on while your  creating your mock documents for fake reality if your mock documents are not relevant to pre-production or production. Since scripts were meant to prepare for the film making process

 why do you write them after you direct your film.

I would like to write a book based on the mock documents I have created to outline my films with after thoughts remaining as part of my manifestos... in the after math of experimental film making to document artistic realizations and questions that bring me to the investigation that  for the acid dream pop film ...punk film makers and mock documents are in most cases all about connecting with your discoveries and documenting a fake reality of real dreams

 Are fake scripts that avoid pre-production

 The fakers of this mock document or is it the fake reality that I must escape that can be modified as a long chosen path to continue working on the film when I'm undecided on weather or not this is the end of manifestation or the beginning to a dream synopsis written outside of myself as an inscription of  the video artist's commentary  notes
 and An acid dream teenage punk film manifestation of anti-art acid  dream film pop poetry  

Ideologies  by the acid dream experimental video art film manifesto are written by this artist B Gurl living in  a teenage dream dreaming with Alice in Acid wonderland wondering what to write next....??????