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ANTI-ART ART FILM AESTHETICS :Fake Mockumentary Manifesto



Social theory can preoccupy the anti art art film aesthetic by describing the junk film’s role  upon intellectualizing the junk film aesthetic literature according to the junk film manifesto (see junk film manifesto). When comparing the heterogeneous nature of the returning video it is now a  junk film synthesis of non convention. 

Among the counterfeit film street culture the departure from junk film contains its anti art art film pseudo structure with a minimal deconstruction of fake documentary leaving an open ended unspecific number of alternatives to becoming the unfinished product that is the fake mockumentary and anti art art film. Parallel to such unlimiting boundaries that of its observational film structure, by becoming a hybrid of stylized documentary and video art  it is thus fake mockumentary we see unfolding in the unintentional performance of sustainment of actions by documenting the body endurance all in one take (see fake mockumentary manifesto) 

The fake mockumentary manifesto is labeled by a series of obstructions that must attempt to be broken at some point to remain a fake attempt to fake something that's fake to fake what's fake to disguise the truth of reality using real street super stars who are the fake actors being themselves to fakely act their way through a discovery of mock performance with body endurance by blurring theater acting and performance art into the development of the the fake mockumentary manifesto. movie making absent of the script but not without the d guard portal of the mockumentary deconstruction as the attempt to create a legacy to a new film genre like the fake mocumentary, anti art art film also known as another form of after-neo-dada film expression as well as the Acid Pop Film (read acid dream experimental video art film manifesto). Subsequently a social and cultural disruption of reform  is demonstrated for such anti art art film based works maintaining a pretense of reality with improvisation or pantomime presented many times as silent films opposed to institutionalized film that follows a script.

On the one hand, it is more directly inscribed blurring the lines of these  circuits of film genre with the new punk  cinema movement connecting experimental film and anti art art film by the communication of visual poetry as a the avant garde film volta of abstract expressionism action painting the moving painting with media based artistic tools with which ever  ideology does this anti art art form explanation for another cinematic form of representations apart from plot or story from commercial movie conventions. Named in the junk film aesthetic are such as instructional video and computer screen recordings, both  stylized documentray. 

Neo punk cinema innovations reveal the close and conflictual contemporary exploitation of such film trends among riot Gurl and punk feminism depicting interpretation to be compartmentalized but too new for film genre during the boom era of Pink 8 style guerrilla film manifestos according to its digital and analogue film artifact type.(see pink 8 manifesto)  That of unhealthy aims to continge film  structure without film form by not settling for continuity. Anti art art film references the junk film aesthetic  in particular accordance to the Pink 8 manifesto maintaining the feature film objective,rejection of green screen  and inclusion of filming with camera phones and toys.

 Outside the  fake mockumentary manifesto that is also a Pink 8 style, it exists as a justification for film genre not to be taken over by mockumentary the way fake documentary has taken over the deconstruction of the minimal mockumentary selection. 


1.A fake mockumentary film is a dream
2.A fake mockumentary film is often a no budget film
3.A fake mockumentary film encourages a broken narrative or non-narrative film (no plot)
4.A fake mockumentary film often has a Lo-fi Aesthetic
5 The fakes whats fake
6.Short films are encouraged and acting/performance without dialogue is frequent
7.Usually informal screenplays are not learned in their entirety or not needed at all to maintain a pretense of reality, improvisation is typical
8.A mock document is suggested to prepare your fake mockumentary
9.Unborn stereotypes or "outsiders" are encouraged to be the protagonists and archetypal figures that replace the actors who then perform as the fake actors (street super stars)
10.Mock Documentaries rarely have laugh tracks, therefore, a fake mockumentary should encourage a fake studio audience applause, laugh track, or experimental sound effects (noise or industrial music)
11.Fake mockumentaries are thought as deconstructed mockumentary films of stylized documentary and video art like experimental hybrid film
12.A fake mockumentary is usually “associated” with criminal acts
13.A Fake mockumentary is typically a Guerrilla film
14.Typically the persons in your film are pre-occupied with Mock performance (a blurring of the lines between performance art and acting by maintaining a pretense of reality) at times body endurance
15.When producing a fake mockumentary, you must break two obstructions stated in this manifesto before it can be considered a fake mockumentary








Fake Mockumentary JUNK FILM POETRY
May 17th 2015 Sunday 10:17AM
San Antonio, TX United States
acid junk film diary
Here mistakes are perfect and beautiful and beauty is found within the ugliness and koas of junk film aesthetics, the dada evolution of junk aesthetics found in film across the qoutendatent subjects coated without traditional story telling. The DIY junk film street culture that compiles punk cinema AMONG the PINK 8 styleS of film genre KNOWN as junk film and its aesthetic coined by Birthday Gurl (Laura Grace Robles) writer director and video artist in her Junk Film and fake Mockumentary film making manifestos. Birthday Gurl, directing various films such as Jesus Practice , Nigga Booty Nights and Foxy Balls Donkey Sugar among others. Jesus Practice a

silent 42 min guerrilla film
and obstructed by a fake mockumentary manifesto. A fake character played by a real actor performing mock performance by blurring the lines among real acting and performance art. Jesus Lee Lane Mc Berrnin Mc Bee the protagonist is played by Sam Mandelbaum the actor who gender role plays a cross dresser named after the jewish son of god on a divine archetypal reference of christian symbolism. Jesus traveling on a quest for identity the blessed is the reborn jesus lee lane mc bernnin mc
b bisexual christ
from one cue to the next each object allowed sam to improvise a sequence of actions where his

performance of sustainment was actions testing the body’s endurance as a performance artist. During the nude performance in public space the actor nominates the vicious fittings of fixed pork props out of rotten bananas, a bottle of pills, and counterfeit cash. A recess by which the challenge of the film making process was diagnosed by the continuous rolling of the camera on the set a mandatory factor of the film making process and no interruptions or cuts just one take would determine the entire film. while sam had no idea he would become the mentally ill the highly concerned androgynous young who was
actually the artist in the film.

the anti-thesis of rejected
autonomy as the solace christ
sister child and ego desperate would be seeking its altered realty of the fake the real and the unreal which realistically cannot be portrayed by a real actors lack of dialogue but without preparation to confront an imaginary lonesome as the socially alienated curious bi-
Sam Mandelbaum the actor confronts his subconscious with gender role playing the super romantic Disappearance of the male porn star who played Jesus
Lee Lane Mc Berrnin Mc Bee.
Jesus stayed
tucked away in
rundown suburbia chain smoking

as domesticatedly as a perfect
sensuality of odd sex drama outside in his front yard could by calling him to wander an encapsulated time
jesus imagines he can synthesize-the male and female image when in actuality he explores transgender symptoms of having no gender as a fruitarian in a parallel reality between the time among the future repletion among the past and the essence of the present time in what is as nostalgic as the now that dictates
a dream state of vividness.
possibilities wonderfully existing among the cocktails of societal

boundaries jesus fails to accept his mothers prized refried funkshway thinking with the mind of his own real self nutted one eyed woman experimenting with grannies moth ball rented wigs and vintage dress.
Jesus Practice questions revolving conversations between christian rebellion to find the misunderstandings of biblical text and biblical text that is confronted by self worth measured by either
homosexuality or family values
Jesus socially declines his lost self from social anxiety keeping busy with bare lesbian irrational
OCD tactics brushing his teeth in

bed in machismo chin and butt cheek day dreaming routine starring at himself gazing into the mirror holding broken glass to help the ripping through the zipper of his torn grandmothers
big foot peels one out inside a banana and off jewish hands Jesus wraps reynolds around his body the canvas, a paint brush goes missing for egg nog doodle doodle cock to attention that any cook will smoke crack if you lived naked everyday of your life like the jewish son of god an almighty excuse for Jesus cursed with the
name of christ

the melody a one eyed female scarecrow playing couldn't actually play the electric guitar for
Jesus outdoors so
easily jesus looses time reacting randomly to his disorganized cell count but he is not so distracted that the vaccine for becoming a famous porn star doesn't advance his naked ass crack habit for female scare crow dolls was stroking his meat in poured pink paint covering his entire body by unmet sexual desires
within the nonnative story.
the secret voices into the open ends of the music is unflinching and illiquid in an avant grade playing of the organ with filters

and effects used to manipulate
the lo fi mood
the jewish son of god mc b lee lee lane jesus mic b mic b recalls strumming to help his one eyed bride to be in a day dream of distortion to his percussion which serenades the female scare crow using a twig and fraud
ringlet to play the drums outside
Just before Jesus detaches his last wet spun wet Micky b mc b little lee chomps a spit lane to rain on her bookay over millions of galaxies of spitting foam fractions helping himself to a velvet goldmine across the face spray painted with premium poe
boy open cake

jesus discos his penmanship to amuse a blind K9 bent over again for a tree part to fit an undeviating trash object for drum sticks to satisfy the almost
on the pink leaking bismol paint spills over a water base of pink hue and a dark interior where masturbation that continues to the action in order to perform not orgasm leaves BBQ JESUS without
like a mechanical walking robot boy the Christ son of god is hallucinating away from whatever his very own christian
mother cursed him with by
naming him Jesus
Christmas starlights holding freshly painted genitals and a one eyed Jesus monster dragging along the crack of his wheels celebrating his long awaited one eye separation from nutted
naggers as a gay experiment.




A deconstructed film with thought provoking questions like “What new drug is she on?And is this art film? 
Fast in a blurry self-awakening, debauchery  in cyber space where extraterrestrial hypnosis  is convincing her that Foxy is her fake Internet existence.

In this reoccurring dream webcams surround her alienated life. In her dressing room, personal steam room, and at her local grocery store.... Hidden video callers follow her from the unknown.

Three main objectives are  her  only alternative to address this webcam addiction for survival(1) Chain-smoking, (2) two-way mirror gazing(3) Video moaning. 

WITH  THE OMNI-PRESENSE of technology in human life and of its possible dangers: as psychical alienation and losing our freedom through digitalization and letting the technology overmaster us it’s necessary to "humanize" technology in an anthropological way and to overcome it by not rejecting this fake mockumentary junk film.

This, questionable two-way rendezvous happening on the camera’s other cyber side is a surreal webcam addict’s   abduction by extraterestrial hypnosis. 

In the  dream state 
FOXY's subconscious records her video calls to later play back a cyber fantasy of tantalizing behaviors that haunt her just as much as an e-rotten banana. 

Foxy the Night Rocker is chased by a nightmare of paranoia built up by her delusions of grandeur where living a life preoccupied by insanity from staring back at herself into a two -way mirror at all hours is keeping her busy video moaning.

The treatment includes one major phase: (1) An online conversion of the video moans streaming into the databases of auditory noise experiments to objectify her video callers request of   night time activities using a plastic toy Tiara, a pack of smokes, and lipstick.

This fake mockumentary junk film shows  the video artist  improvising an unintended  act of body endurance where she maintains a pretense of reality.  In a dance of chatty,pantomime and head drama that displays mock performance it is blurring the lines between performance art and acting to break free from narrative.

Foxy is a serial of sixteen different short fake mockumentary films that Robles begun filming in 2010 and completed in 2014-2015. It is with these sixteen different Foxy films did she discover why everything she thought her camera was recording seemed to be faking whats fake, by seeming to believe everything was a fake documentary. When in actuality it was an illusion Robles had become obsessed with hoping everything she had filmed was fake documentary but in actuality the only explanation was fake Mockumentary

      Interview with the VIDEO ARTIST

Dexter Mock Duck: Ms. Robles explain to us how you have unearthed  fake mockumentary  inspired by  Fabrizios pink 8 film manifesto?

Laura Grace Robles: :A similar philosophy is shared in both his and my Pink 8 film manifestos. Both paying respect to the  DIY punk mentality to anarchistic views so that Pink 8 cannot be learned in film school particularly for those film makers lacking resources with a drive to become film makers even if they don’t have a camera as i once did not. Like the Pink 8 ideology and its regards to perfection, when film mistakes are allowed there is no other perfection to me. To make  video art part of the experimental film hybrid that allows my films to to be possessed by an aim to fail by making  films that break boundaries the way Fabrizio and I understand continuity is wrong.

Dexter Mock Duck: Who is your competition? 

Laura Grace Robles: At the heart of punk cinema anarchistic ways I don’t compete to make films better than one or the other. They are just different, I don’t make films to compete with other critics besides my own judgement, so i guess i compete with myself.  Because punk is free from the unfortunate souls who believe there is no hope for understanding life as the individual who thinks apart from the normality of expectation and predictability to think this way humbles my imagination and that allows me to work and think with less tricks and more sincerity.

Dexter Mock Duck: How has your style evolved?

Laura Grace Robles: Only a street super star could elevate the hope for an uneducated  commoner to be one capable of blurring the lines between acting and performance art as a mock performer like the fake actors in some of my films but that now also specifies under  feature film making not just short films as i was used to making. Now an opportunity that could be explored faithfully though commitment may fullfill either the Pink 8 style by facing a new manifesto only in the same represented  junk film aesthetic in a body of epic films.

Dexter Mock Duck:How are you confronted by film language?

Dexter Mock Duck: What is a fake mockumentary to you in one word?

Laura Grace Robles:A fake mockumentary is a dream.




This, make believe two-way rendezvous happening on the camera’s other side is a surreal webcam addiction debauchery of hypnosis in the demon’s hour dream state.

From FOXY's subconscious memory her video diary archive replays a cyber fantasy of tantalizing behaviors that haunt her just as much as rotten bananas making the archive and her prince charming invisible. 

The Night Rocker is chased by a nightmare of paranoia built up by her delusions of grandeur where living a life preoccupied by insanity from staring back at herself in a two -way mirror at all hours from dusk up until just before dawn is just not a good enough reason to keep her a quiet noise video moaner.
This curing process includes one major phase: (1) An online conversion of the video diary streaming of the noise moans into databases of auditory experiments including the objects video callers request that day such as a plastic toy Tierra, smokes, and lipstick.

This thirty eight minuet and two second junk film shows an intuitive approach the video artist takes to improvising unintentional body endurance or time a body’s unpredictable actions that sustain otherwise as the performer of art and actor exceeding one’s unintended body limits in a dance of silenced chatty head drama displays mock performance by smearing the lines between performance art and acting breaks the artist free from narrative.




                                            FOXY BITE YO BA-HACK-ANANA




















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Beyond The Mask By Birthday Gurl Anti-Art Poetry

 Poems from the heart......."BEYOND THE MASK"

By Laura Grace Robles  Birthday Gurl

To know the feeling of beauty is to know
That you cannot trust the eyes of the mask we were born to wear

If you can see beyond the skin's surface and into the mysterious vibes speaking down to you from the sky
from ones soul
then you know beauty when you encounter it weather or not everyone agrees

Is awkward beauty beauty just the same
An anti beautiful awakening to the devil's evil good and gods beautiful imperfect mistakes that meets perfection from more than beauty meets the eye

As though we all wear a mask that shields our soul to protect us with asymetrical skin

To cover a body and fill it with parts that do not contain what we believe is their

within us in an unseen hidden place signaling who we are beyond the mask that is our face

Dear Acid Junk Film Diary I Love You!!!

A Poem Today 

Anti-Art Poetry

Enchants you with words

Two Lovers Floating By

Written By

 Laura Grace Robles 

Birthday Gurl

In a forest of your destiny
In a forest of your dreams
In a fairy tale
Lost in the mist
Among the depths of the earth
Passed the blackest of skies after sky after sky

Where one can be a lover floating by
Where one can be free
Where one can find themselves beautiful again no matter the gray wrinkles or hair that grows with our age

Where we find our self worth together and can become the courage that allows us to be brave once again
To find your dream lover floating by
In the forest you wake up in
Lost in a dream life as you and I become the two lovers floating by together among the falling stars
Lost in love
Lost in love with each others dreams of continuing to love one another

Together living in a fantasy

Timelessness intertwines our souls to dream
to love endlessly in this dangling ball of yarn weaving the unbreakable bond between us

As two lovers floating by
we hear our voice inside echo under the flying stars of our everyday confessions of love
May our love continue to grow stronger everyday

and if it were the perfect silver that is the perfect you and the perfect pink that is the perfect me let us be the stars of this fantasy

in this fantasy where everyday we wake up beside eachother and you look at me looking into my eyes and every time you say I love you
I melt

Twas then did I see my own beauty through my own reflection I saw of myself in his eyes when he spoke these words

and his spoken words of romance were left in my mind vibrating a deep connection connecting our magnetic skin

woven from this yarn that is our life of living together
woven into a cocoon of millions of tiny lovely little lockets locking our love in place

locked in a picture perfect moment to look back on as we comb our dreams of everlasting love

keeping us lost in time in a dream of ourselves eternally searching for the mysterious energy that keeps us alive

as we are still alive it brings me true happiness to be with you

in the same fantasy that is today yesterday and tomorrow and forever more

And as we hope it lasts till the end we silently thank each other for being there everyday with a kiss

And each time we look into each others eyes our memories build into this ball of yarn coming to life as you and I continue to unravel our love into another nite as two lovers floating by.

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Straight Jacket Film Festival 2020 ''The cure for the Corona Virus''

The year 2020 is looking to be the ''Lost Year'' in Cinema, but the Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival is ready to save us all. This online film festival is years ahead of the mainstream film industry, selecting the craziest and bravest movies internationally so you'll be able to check them out online, especially if we aren't ever allowed outside again! You'll see the best banished outsider films in the world; from cursed movies, aeroplane disasters, African mafia flicks, conspiracy theories, Antichrist comedies and the best from Experimental & Indie Underground Cinema. Will our brains be ready for this years movie selection, and will China let them go ahead with the festival this year? Truthfully this film festival is the cure for the Coronavirus, stay indoors and watch.

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 for Alice in Acid Wonderland

Believing is seeing your dreams when alternate realities depict a dream within a dream within a  computerized, collage, acid, paradise.  In  A dark rainbow adventure in Wonderland, This experimental acid pop video art film titled Alice in Acid Wonderland is about Alice a young girl.  Who enters a magical and surreal Acid dream mushroom  experiment. Alice transitions from adult to child  with no memory of the experiment -- except for in her dreams. Where more than one Alice spends a journey wondering a vessel of the same reoccurring dreams, down the rabbit hole. Reunited with her long lost friends the Mad Hatter the Cheshire Cat and others, Alice learns it is her destiny to become a Queen haunted by the terror of another  Queen the Queen of hearts and spooked by mystical creatures. Only to find herself awaking into a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing within one's own simulation.


A unedited script substitution
 of anti art art acid dream pop film poetry

a fake acid dream mock document for

Alice in Acid Wonderland

a motivation for dialogue  commentary for Alice in Acid Rainbow Eyes

 A combination of favorite scenes or clips from Alice in Acid wonderland

 maybe a poem but acid dream experimental video art  film poetry

a realization of the avant-garde  in question 3:27 am Sunday March 1st

 Being awake for three days at a time manic madness matters also obsessed and intrigued by what's not intrusive about allowing the echos of audio effects to give the dream ghost a shadowing voice to which ever Alice comes first

random impulsion to edit the acid dream experiment erroneously now i question what makes this  commentary

 Maintain a pretense of reality while telling a story that explains the narrative poem that is Alice COTTON CANDY Rainbow Eyes 

A wonderland 
and why this experimental film IGNITES our youth IN ORDER to realize innocence is timelessness

 Now i question what is timeless about the film and if that is worth a discourse  upon whether dreams are the wishful thinking  questioning the realness of dreams when they are not fiction unless it was a non fiction reality that created fiction in the fake dream that fictional 
the acid dream mushroom experiment that experiments with experimental film making manifested by an abstracted avant-garde vernacular in which I title after an acid dream experimental video art film making manifesto the Acid Dream Experimental Video Art Film Making Manifesto written by the writer and  video artist Birthday Gurl celebrating the unbirthday party of computerized acid dream collage film paradise 
in a fantasy adventure with Alice in Acid wonderland

 ...If you are reacting to a suspension of belief its probably fiction but believing is dreaming within the dreaming of believing in fake dreams the acid dream mushroom experiment is in Alice in acid wonderland as though it was not a believable  non fictional narrative poem. In a motivated way to tell suspicious  fictional story telling recreating the acid dream experimental video art film in an avant-garde cinematic spirit or essence as the medium

 is the spirit. The Avant-garde anti-abstraction of contradicting objectivity from a paradoxical outcome of dreaming,  makes the film question wether the acid dream mushroom experiment  is a false awakening or its own dream outside of themselves.. is as welcoming as the dream Alice has no memory of before she awakes to dream some more 

when she awakens in her dream to find herself in the non fictional alternate dream reality  welcoming the un-welcomed in a fictional story of narrative acid pop film poerty.... of acid  anti-beauty.

 The abstracted tea party distortion of reality implies the dream is simulated by a dream simulation within a simulation of ones sleeping time where the dream reality is an alternate dimension where the narrative poem told in the unconventional context of story telling is a thought provoking interpretation of dreaming

Whatever is abstract is welcoming the un-welcomd. The acid dream ghosts are obviously masked to replicate their avatar Alice, who creates avatars of herself in her dream adventure down the rabbit hole. Without a camera, similarly in a different way pop film 

Anti-beauty is within the awkwardness that you are attracted to when 
Alice intrusively attends the mad hatters tea party.


I'm intoxicated by this dream and I still question wether Alice in acid wonderland is a poetical metaphor for the possibility that nothing is real and that life is a computer simulation designed by a teenage  punk god film maker or by technology simulating a dream of fictional virtual reality


Note to self:
 Ideas for
Dear Birthday Gurl... Hi I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel and I'm interested why  you create acid dream mock documents instead of scripts only after the directing is done
. What kind of acid dream pop mock document did you create for your new 2020 film Alice in Acid Wonderland... also can you explain what a mock document is


I SAY Create a mock document instead of scripts because it makes your manifestation complete allows me the artistic freedom to not pay to much attention to order in regards to its post production or production status. I'm excited about its journey to the upside down. By solving with a mockumentary document form is a truley experimental test to combing different ideas within manifesos by following a formula of methods or not 

So when I'm done creating the film I am not surprised that there is an unfolding evaporating story created by my unconscious 
The way dreams are experienced.  Amock document is artistic proof the dream to your film  exists.

What do you contemplate on while your  creating your mock documents for fake reality if your mock documents are not relevant to pre-production or production. Since scripts were meant to prepare for the film making process

 why do you write them after you direct your film.

I would like to write a book based on the mock documents I have created to outline my films with after thoughts remaining as part of my manifestos... in the after math of experimental film making to document artistic realizations and questions that bring me to the investigation that  for the acid dream pop film ...punk film makers and mock documents are in most cases all about connecting with your discoveries and documenting a fake reality of real dreams

 Are fake scripts that avoid pre-production

 The fakers of this mock document or is it the fake reality that I must escape that can be modified as a long chosen path to continue working on the film when I'm undecided on weather or not this is the end of manifestation or the beginning to a dream synopsis written outside of myself as an inscription of  the video artist's commentary  notes
 and An acid dream teenage punk film manifestation of anti-art acid  dream film pop poetry  

Ideologies  by the acid dream experimental video art film manifesto are written by this artist B Gurl living in  a teenage dream dreaming with Alice in Acid wonderland wondering what to write next....??????