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A Discussion with Nino Fournier... What is fake mockumentary and anti art film????

Birthday Gurl I don’t see how video art is in any way close to mockumentary
the answers i approach this circumstance of doubt in perhaps regards to video art as a
precursor to ready made mockumentary.. Please understand that i am speaking to a pink 8 style
reader and its boom of guerrilla film manifestos that is a pink 8 style particularly the junk film
maniesfto and fake mockumentary manifesto. i can only give an abstract of what these topics
only briefly entail or touch base upon apart from the technological developments in video art it
self .Presenting you with an appropriation of this film type’s “reality” as the most available
technology in every ready made video art that is fake documentary or mockumentary that we
cannot regard as ready fake documentary or mockumentary because of the technological
advancements in mockumentary that presents us with the fake mockumentary which is was
once the ready made mockumentary being that there is no separation between video art and its
technology of time reality in the present moment evading some realistic time without a
transcendence of reality . This dates back to video as a self reflexive medium for performance
based works in a fine art context maintaining some pretense of reality experience for
improvisation or performative experience existing in the present moment or a mock performance
blurring the lines between ready made mockumentary performance art and acting. Applicable to
the fake mockumentary explanation for its stylized observational video art hybrid that
determines fake mockumentary not fake documentary = fake mock documentary .
its simply a philosophy and a matter of rephrasing the properties and evidence that is within a
standard of common ground and common sense for explanations according to to these junk
context for such mediums, where each form exists according to a basis among empirical
relationships between these mediums in which each art form with or with out form shares across
discourse. Thus the ready made reality is evaluated through a cinema verte and media literate
audience that is not in on the joke while mockumentary audiences are in on the joke.
performance art or mock performance the blurring of performance art and acting theoretically
broadcast the missing intentions of fake documentary as true reality in any such real event as a
sport like reality television endorsed by the media or a form of stylized documentary such as
mockumentary or mock documentary not or fake documentary which own characteristics
overlooked by ready made mockumentary which can what we now consider a fake
mockumentary in a literal and metaphorical realistic circumstance of realstic video art
determined by a fake reality of faking whats fake with performance art or improvisation during
such pretense of reality that needs maintenance and can no longer be a mockumentary reality
in the media as a sport but as a junk film aesthetic using video art to reproduced the
observation of such a reality in a fake reality of real time performance art based video but a
fake video art’s original forms of mockumentary precursor’s demonstrations also known as fake
documentary film therefore it must be “fake” mockumentary film experience since fluxus or neo
dada artists can no longer be regarded as contributors of fake documentary now that fake
mockumentary exists in a hybrid context of technological developments hybridizing stylized
documentary and video art “stylized” as in “fake real events of circumstance or situation” and a
junk film aesthetic that is an anti art art film product that is this film type component for video art
because video art is now junk film ..i explain more further along
the notion of anti art art film is really unclear to me i don’t see what it might be, I mean its either
video art or its notice notion to me seems as though it was trying to move away from video
artinsnt it?
The notion of "anti art art film" is really unclear to me. I don't see what I might be. I mean,
it's either video art or it's not, isn't it ?
Anti art art film is not a film genre its the compartmentalization of the junk film aesthetic
for film that resonates its precursor’s which were dada and fluxus artist of the neo dada
period which have embarked on the tokening of “junk aesthetics” literally and emerged
with literary context such as the fluxus manifesto which is described as an anti art art
movement . This is where the anti art in anti art art film is referenced and dated back to
fluxus just before the emergence of the modern art era This dates back to the modern art
era when video art and interdiciplinary performance began to flourish with
performancece based works in a performance art and fine art context which positioned
the performer as the artist confronted by the need to situate four basic elements time
space the performer’s body or presence in a medium and a relationship between
performer and audience. The relationship between performer and audience gives
emperical evidence according to social theory that some stylized form of documentary
of fake documentary or fake mockumentary had been attained by video artists who used
their own performances in their videos or what now would be considered maintaining a
pretense of reality such as mockumentary based films thrive on for separation from
institutionalized film making that of script based by critical form to pre production, and
production but since it is fake documentary that has been performed by one aware of
there own presence in front of the camera it had been overlooked as only video art and
not a film dialect which is unspoken but obvious to us that actors try to convince their
audience that the camera is not there and what we are seeing is believable but with
mockumentary this is not limited by the performers awareness of the camera it is this
type of film’s qualities in which we identify mockumentary and not some of the first forms
of organized performance art based video was video art that aquired this same
awareness of the camera. So since video art couldn’t be fake documentary any longer
it is what we can now look back and compare to as a fake mockumentary or video art
precursor to the fake mockumentary junk film aesthetic innovations of the neo punk
cinema movement that is anti art art film. Because the Pink 8 film manifesto was written
to discourse between disiplines across the Dogma 95 manifesto any manifesto that is a
pink 8 style can be understood as repercussions of Pink 8 such as the junk film
manifesto, the fake mockumentary film manifesto , counterfeit film manifesto , fake
rockumentary manifesto and guerrilla film manifesto all such practices are related to
dogma 95 because of its Pink 8 style.

This notion seems to me as if it revealed the desire to move away from video art without
actually doing something totally different and thus renouncing to bear that classification
which, I agree, has quite a heavy past.
The video art classification that is renounced as the possible desire to move away from
video art doesn’t move away its brings fusion to its documentary aesthetic and film
quality moving video art forward because it is a junk film “ junk film aesthetics” and it
continues to move forward with hybrid film such as fake mockumentary film which is a
deconstructed mockumentary based hybrid film of video art and stylized
documentary... the stylized documentary perception i claim to interpret is the future of
video art where empirically it can’t be argued outside the non objective film that does not
include documentary in some form that can still be non objective but informed with
techniques such as computer screen recordings of non objective media being played on
a computer screen otherwise unless it is based on a story the fake documentary is a
form of documentary 
mockumentary and fake mockumentary is a hybrid of video art and stylized
observational film that is based on mockumentary structures but a deconstructed of its
self with minimal form that enhances  theatrical elements a blurring of the lines
between performance art and acting where a mock document is encouraged or
ultimately necessary to some point according to the fake mockumentary manifesto. see
fake mockumentary manifesto one of the following acid junk film diary blog posts on its
blogger page
However, I'm really wondering if it's a good thing or not to try and create a new "genre"
(the anti art art film)
the “anti art art film” is not exactly the genre I’m trying to come across as the junk film
aesthetic its only one of its compartments but what I’m presenting as genre is fake
mockumentary the nominated film genre but because junk film is anti art art film , a fake
mockumentary aesthetic is to regard the anti art art film compartmentalization of junk
film aesthetics to rather have limited structure because its manifesto’s rule to break two
obstructions stated in the fake mockumentary manifesto also according to a PInk 8 style
which brings up the question of wether it must be either feature film , short film , or both
in film parts in order to become a video art hybrid in for the evolving future of its film
expectations for expression when it is now considered video art a type of junk film none the less.
Now, all those interrogations might also come from the fact that you gave me to read a
MANIFESTO, whose essential role is to put words on practice which precisely should be
word-free (do you say that ?!) because it is video art, not litterature.


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