Friday, September 17, 2021

Dear Acid Junk Film Diary I Love You!!!

A Poem Today 

Anti-Art Poetry

Enchants you with words

Two Lovers Floating By

Written By

 Laura Grace Robles 

Birthday Gurl

In a forest of your destiny
In a forest of your dreams
In a fairy tale
Lost in the mist
Among the depths of the earth
Passed the blackest of skies after sky after sky

Where one can be a lover floating by
Where one can be free
Where one can find themselves beautiful again no matter the gray wrinkles or hair that grows with our age

Where we find our self worth together and can become the courage that allows us to be brave once again
To find your dream lover floating by
In the forest you wake up in
Lost in a dream life as you and I become the two lovers floating by together among the falling stars
Lost in love
Lost in love with each others dreams of continuing to love one another

Together living in a fantasy

Timelessness intertwines our souls to dream
to love endlessly in this dangling ball of yarn weaving the unbreakable bond between us

As two lovers floating by
we hear our voice inside echo under the flying stars of our everyday confessions of love
May our love continue to grow stronger everyday

and if it were the perfect silver that is the perfect you and the perfect pink that is the perfect me let us be the stars of this fantasy

in this fantasy where everyday we wake up beside eachother and you look at me looking into my eyes and every time you say I love you
I melt

Twas then did I see my own beauty through my own reflection I saw of myself in his eyes when he spoke these words

and his spoken words of romance were left in my mind vibrating a deep connection connecting our magnetic skin

woven from this yarn that is our life of living together
woven into a cocoon of millions of tiny lovely little lockets locking our love in place

locked in a picture perfect moment to look back on as we comb our dreams of everlasting love

keeping us lost in time in a dream of ourselves eternally searching for the mysterious energy that keeps us alive

as we are still alive it brings me true happiness to be with you

in the same fantasy that is today yesterday and tomorrow and forever more

And as we hope it lasts till the end we silently thank each other for being there everyday with a kiss

And each time we look into each others eyes our memories build into this ball of yarn coming to life as you and I continue to unravel our love into another nite as two lovers floating by.