Friday, September 17, 2021

Beyond The Mask By Birthday Gurl Anti-Art Poetry

 Poems from the heart......."BEYOND THE MASK"

By Laura Grace Robles  Birthday Gurl

To know the feeling of beauty is to know
That you cannot trust the eyes of the mask we were born to wear

If you can see beyond the skin's surface and into the mysterious vibes speaking down to you from the sky
from ones soul
then you know beauty when you encounter it weather or not everyone agrees

Is awkward beauty beauty just the same
An anti beautiful awakening to the devil's evil good and gods beautiful imperfect mistakes that meets perfection from more than beauty meets the eye

As though we all wear a mask that shields our soul to protect us with asymetrical skin

To cover a body and fill it with parts that do not contain what we believe is their

within us in an unseen hidden place signaling who we are beyond the mask that is our face